New York State Flag

    New York Flag
    State flag of New York
    Adopted April 2, 1901
    Motto Excelsior
    ("Ever Upward")
    Usage Civil and state flag

    New York state flag

    New York flag
    New York State Flag
    The New York State Flag depicts the Great Seal of the State of New York on a dark blue background. In the center of the Great Seal is a shield, which shows two ships on a river; in the background are three mountains and centered above is a golden sun in a blue sky. Above the shield is an American eagle, wings spread, atop a globe. The figures on either side of the shield represent Liberty and Justice. On a banner below is the State motto, Excelsior, which means "Ever Upward."

    Previous State flag of New York

    New York flag
    New York State Flag (1779–1901)
    The present flag is a modern version of a Revolutionary War Flag. The legislature changed the field of the flag from buff to blue by a law enacted on April 2, 1901

    State flag of New York

    The coat of arms on the State Flag of New York has two supporters:
     Liberty, her hair disheveled and decorated with pearls, holding a Phrygian cap raised on a pole with her left foot upon a crown that representsfreedom from the British monarchy that once ruled what is now New York as a colony. (Phrygian caps were given to Roman slaves when emancipated and adopted by French Revolutionists as symbols of Liberty)
     Justice, wearing a blindfold (representing impartiality) and holding scales (representing fairness) and a sword (representing punishement for evil deeds)
     The shield displays a masted ship (symbolizing foreign commerce) and a sloop (symbolizing inland commerce) on the Hudson River river, bordered by a grassy shore and three mountains in the background with the sun rising behind it (symbolizing bright future)
     The shield is surmounted by a crest consisting of an American Bald eagle surmounting a world globe depicting the northern Atlantic Ocean (symbolizing might, power and dominance)
     A banner below the shield diaplays the motto 'Excelsior' (“Ever upward”) (signifying a reach for ever loftier goals)
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    New York flag